New Album Updates

March 27, 2010
Ost is working on their fourth piece of crap, and they are still deciding on a name. Competitors so far are "Divide by Zero", "Bollocks!", "Simple" and "Dinosaurs and Lullabies". 3 songs have been complete ("Virus", "Sheer Boredom", and "Divide by Zero"). A Latin song has been confirmed in the works, and 12 songs are expected to be in the album.

Logo Voting Contest to begin...NOW

January 8, 2010
Vote on which logo we should have or suggest one! Look on the photos page and vote there.
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New Album, New Logo

January 2, 2010
First things first. New album should be expected in  2010. Yaaaaaay. What I've noticed is that some bands like Weezer, The Killers, Silversun Pickups, and more alway have the name of the bands on the album covers the same way, kind of like a logo. The Ost Cheese Slice™ is starting to get old, so I am going to make an Ost Logo...or not. We will be voting on logos that I put in the "Pictures" Page. We will pick between the logos or vote for "No Logo". Illl post the link for voting once the wo...
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Ost in Guitar Hero Van Halen Music Studio?

July 27, 2009
If you bought Guitar Hero World Tour of Guitar Hero: Metallica, you know that there's a built-in music studio with built-in songs by Neversoft. Well, Ost may possibly be making some of those songs. more info later
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Ost to appear in Soundtracks!

July 12, 2009
Ost will appear in the soundtracks of MySims Agents and Piano Wizard! Check Wikipedia for more!
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April 29, 2009
Music for Morons, which will release May 8 (screw the article below) has just been completed. Here i will talk about every song.

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT-  I like this song, a kind of a dancey club song. If you give it lyrics, it might actually become a real song. 

NUMBER 17- This one was a surprise hit for me. I originally meant it to be on Ubel Macaco, but I forgot about it. I fixed up the old version and showed it to everyone for an idea for a song name. I made up the name (don't ask how) but ...
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Music for Morons release date confirmed

March 26, 2009
On Argentine Flag Day (June 20 for people who are stupid), 2009, OSt will release their "good" album, Music for Morons. Pre-order it ($1.50 a week for rent, $2.50 to buy) today, or you are a dumbass!
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March 21, 2009
i have completed 2 and one of them caleed "absolutely brilliant" (named after this sound effect that i threw in) is on the song previews and im pretty proud of it. the other has no name because i have no idea what to name it, but people who have heard it really like it. if u wanna hear it, email me on the contact page
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Confirmed Surprise

March 18, 2009
Music for Morons will have 2 songs with singing- "Paper Balls" and "I can't sing". The second song will even have a curse word or two.
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March 17, 2009
Ost's next album to come around June, probably, is going to's the word....GOOD!! Thassit! Toby recently talked with the ONNT (Ost News Network Team, really Ost News Network but ONN is taken already) about the new album.
"Our first album was a warm-up and Ubel Macaco was like an experiment. Now, we are going to try to make actual music". Toby says he has some songs done that he is proud of, but needs help naming them. The Ost Survey should have a name suggestion box on it by t...

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