Music for Morons, which will release May 8 (screw the article below) has just been completed. Here i will talk about every song.

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT-  I like this song, a kind of a dancey club song. If you give it lyrics, it might actually become a real song. 

NUMBER 17- This one was a surprise hit for me. I originally meant it to be on Ubel Macaco, but I forgot about it. I fixed up the old version and showed it to everyone for an idea for a song name. I made up the name (don't ask how) but to my surprise, everyone loved it.

BUNNY ROCK- Like Number 17, this was also meant to be on Ubel Macaco. Only thing is I didnt change it from the Macaco version.

I CAN'T SING!- The first Ost song with singing! Sadly, you can't understand what the fuck im sayin

MOJITO DANCE- I like this song too, its happy and makes you feel fuzzy inside! :)

PAPER BALLS- Also with singing, this one has a funny story behind it...

EPIC BANANA- I forgot how this went

INSERT SONG NAME HERE- One catchy riff played for a couple of minutes, decent song

GALAXY BLASTOFF- I was trying to get this whole spacey thing goin, so for a name i put a bunch of words having to do with space and picked em out of a hat.

 VERSERRUNG- Using the German word for Distortion, this is our Rock song.

SMILEY FACE- This song came out better than i expected, also really happy

A MOMENT OF SILENCE- This song sounded great on my piano, but didnt come out as good on GarageBand.

BURRITO SUNDAY- This came out better than the piano, though.

KENTUSA- This song kicked ass...on the piano

WARHEAD PARTY- Another Macaco reject, this is catchy and kind of punk rocky.