Since I am such a nice and awesome person, I have posted some Ost songs for you, which you are free to download. I do NOT have any songs from our first two albums, because they suck. I DO have all the re-makes, however. Also, the new hit single "Virus" is on here!

All songs in MP3 format.

Absolutely Brilliant.mp3 Absolutely Brilliant.mp3
Size : 6.616 Kb
Type : mp3
Number 17.mp3 Number 17.mp3
Size : 2.527 Kb
Type : mp3
Verzerrung.mp3 Verzerrung.mp3
Size : 3.885 Kb
Type : mp3
Burrito Sunday.mp3 Burrito Sunday.mp3
Size : 2.257 Kb
Type : mp3
Electric Fantasy (Re-Make).mp3 Electric Fantasy (Re-Make).mp3
Size : 1.689 Kb
Type : mp3
Number 17 (Re-Make).mp3 Number 17 (Re-Make).mp3
Size : 1.234 Kb
Type : mp3


Virus.mp3 Virus.mp3
Size : 3.582 Kb
Type : mp3
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