Who or what is Ost? 

Ost is a band completely made on a computer. in fact, the last sentence I just typed would make a pretty decent Ost song if I was in GarageBand. We are "famous" for our "hits" including "Monkey Jam", "Ubel Macaco", "Tequila Party", "Electric Fantasy", "Absolutely Brilliant", "Number 17" and "Mojito Dance".

Have you ever come out with an album?

Yes we have. Ost, our self-titled debut album, came out on October 21, 2008, and at the time of this writing, had an astonishing number of sales. A total of 4 copies were sold, four times than what was expected. Our next album Ubel Macaco  came out on Februrary 15, so far with a sale number of 3. Music for Morons came out on May 8, 2009, with current sales of 4.

How many people are involved with Ost?

About 5, but only 3 make music. We are accepting new members, especially chicks.

What Genre is Ost?

Alternative Oshenshnoshnf. We are the best Alt. Oshenshnoshnshnf in the world, we assure you.

How can I get involved in Ost? 

Go to the Contact Ost page and fill out the form.

Do you play gigs?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That's funny!

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